Pectoral muscles: the 6 best exercises to train them

Pectoral muscles: the 6 best exercises to train them

Pectoral muscles are the favorite muscles of most men in gyms; they are certainly the most indicative and the most relevant and exciting to train for the new bodybuilder. But how is the pectoral muscle composed?

It is necessary to divide the upper pectoral (adduction and intra rotation functions) and the lower pectoral (horizontal adduction and shoulder flexion).

Thanks to the knowledge of these functions, we are able to understand which are primobolan tablets for sale for this muscle:


This is perhaps the most popular exercise; it involves not only pectoral muscles but also the shoulders so it is an excellent multi-articulatory exercise.


Same movement as the stretches, but performed on an inclined bench to pay more attention to the upper part of the chest.


Recommended for those with joint problems as it allows a more natural movement of the shoulders.


This exercise allows you to do a very wide relaxation of the pectoral muscles and is used to train the internal fibers of the chest.


Useful free body exercise, a bit underestimated in gyms.


Not to be confused with the dips for the triceps, this exercise allows you to train your chest, especially in the lower part by lifting your body to the parallel bars.

The chest exercises are very often at risk of injury to the shoulders, in particular for the rotator cuff; It is important to give the right time to learn the correct techniques to lower the risk of getting hurt. The scapular attitude must be maintained correctly throughout the movement; you should not absolutely push your shoulders forward.


Let’s see together a specific circuit for this muscle district consisting of 3 weekly workouts on alternate days with a focus on quality and different stimuli at each session:

  • 1st WORKOUT

     Mechanical stimulus for the muscle to damage it and stimulate the following compensation; medium-high loads and long recovery times. The best exercises in this phase are heavy dumbbell stretches, push-ups and parallel dips with overload.

  • 2nd WORKOUT

     In this session, the aim is to produce a lot of lactic acid to obtain a good pump and iron the band. Low loads, short recovery times, stripping, super series and continuous voltage executions; exercises for this workout: wide ring bends, stretches and crosses with dumbbells.

  • 3rd WORKOUT

     In this last session the goal is to develop a high tension; to do this you will perform an average rep range (8-10) and exercises that keep the tension constant and at the same time allow you to use adequate loads with medium recoveries. The exercises for this workout are stretches on an inclined or flat bench with dumbbells and an inclined chest press.

This cycle can last from 3 to 8 weeks, then it is good to insert a discharge period and wait a minimum month and a half to start it again. The secret to obtaining results is simple: increase the training parameters and combine the right mix of stimulus — nutrition — recovery.

And how do you train your bibs? How many times a week?

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